Photography and Me

I think my love for all things from behind the camera came when I was around 10 years old. I was given a Kodak disc camera. I don’t remember who it was from. I would hold, point and capture basic photos of friends and family. No amazing photography came from that time, but it certainly has had an impact and inspired a deep passion for being behind the lens.

Sadly, with no photos of me as a child this has helped fuel the light, to make sure I capture all moments of life.

After many years and many different cameras I finally realised that everything was photo-worthy and interesting. It became a way to capture scenes from my life to remember.

In my late twenties, I became fascinated by my photographs of nature, the up close and personal view of detail that is unnoticed by many.

Just when the caterpillar
the world to be over…

These pages document my view from behind the camera of the many places I have visited. It documents only a few of all the things I  thought deserved to be captured in that moment.

Few of these photos have had any post room editing as I like my photography as shot. As seen before my eye met the cameras view finder. Those that have its generally just a filter to enhance what was already there.

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